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Yerba Prima Odor Cleanse - Breath & Body 50 cap
PRICE: $8.42
We are all concerned about breath and body odor.  Now there is a natural way to reduce both breath and body odor that really works.  Yerba Prima Odor Cleanse gets to the cause of the problem and stops odor right where it starts.  Odor Cleanse powerfully neutralizes and suppresses odor causing substances in the body, including tough odors like garlic breath.
Odor Cleanse is not another cover-up.  Ten years of research have shown that our patented, highly concentrated mushroom extract is a real breakthrough, tested by laboratory scientists, hospital doctors and nurses, and real people like you and me.
One product of putrefactive bacteria in the colon is odor causing substances such as ammonia, indole and methyl mercaptan.  In addition, odors can be caused by breakdown compounds from foods such as garlic, onions, and meats.  These substances are absorbed from the colon into the bloodstream.  They are then excreted by the lungs as foul breath or through the pores as body odor.  In addition, the liver and kidneys are stressed in trying to clear these substances out of the blood.  Odor causing substances that are not absorbed into the bloodstream contribute to strong fecal odor.  By neutralizing odor causing substances at the source, Odor Cleanse helps to reduce breath, body and fecal odor. With daily use, it also helps to protect the health of the liver, kidneys and digestive system.*

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