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Yerba Prima Echinacea Extra Strength 50mg 30 cap
PRICE: $7.77
Yerba Prima Echinace¨ Extra Strength is made with clinically proven, German Commission E approved Echinacea purpurea juice extract for the strongest Echinacea benefits.  This is an alcohol-free formula with the convenience of the capsule dosage form.  In addition to the clinically proven Echinacea extract, it contains the assimilation boosting nutrient Bioperine¨ black pepper extract.
Echinacea helps support normal immune function.  It is especially helpful for supporting respiratory health during the winter season.  Clinical studies have shown the strongest benefits for boosting the immune function on a short-term basis.  However, other research indicates benefits for school children and others taking Echinacea purpurea herb juice on a daily basis to maintain good health.
American Indians were the first people to recognize the benefits of Echinacea, and numerous tribes used the species that grew in their regions.  In fact, Echinacea was one of the most used medicinal plants by Native Americans in the Midwest.
The leaves and roots were used as a tea, placed directly on the tooth for toothaches and applied topically to the skin.  The most common uses were for immune system related problems, just as we use Echinacea today.  The Cheyenne used a tea of leaves and roots for sore throats.  The Kiowa chewed the roots and swallowed the juice for coughs and sore throats. (Foster 1985)  Comanche also used Echinacea for colds and sore throats.  In addition, Echinacea earned the name Snakeroot because several tribes found it helpful for treating snakebites.
Echinacea extracts were widely used by the U.S. medical profession during the late 1800Ős.  It fell into disfavor with the introduction of synthetic drugs in the early 1900Ős.  Then German researchers discovered Echinacea in the 1930Ős and began to popularize its use in Europe.  Most of the clinical research with Echinacea over the past 50 years has been done in Europe, and millions of Europeans now use Echinacea for immune support.  Based on this research, the German Commission E developed an accepted quality standard for Echinacea products.  In 1986, Yerba Prima introduced the first Echinacea product in the U.S. to meet the exacting German Commission E standards - Yerba Prima Echinace¨.
Maximum Absorption: Echinace Extra Strength provides maximum absorption.  Our Extra Strength formulas are made with concentrated herbal extracts, which are assimilated more completely than common powdered herbs.  Bioavailability of our Extra Strength herbs is further boosted by the addition of a patented black pepper extract, Bioperine¨.  As part of our Extra Strength formulas, it actually increases the amount of herb crossing the intestinal lining into the bloodstream.  What this means to you is greater absorption, which equals greater benefits.
*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 
Convenience and Great Value: Our Extra Strength formulas give the convenience of taking one capsule per day for normal use.  This makes it easy to use them consistently for their full benefits.  Many products that need to be taken several times a day are not used with proper regularity, resulting in a loss of benefits.  In addition, our Extra Strength herbs are a great value.  A bottle of Extra Strength herbs may last two, or even three times as long as regular strength herbs with only a small increase in price.  The greater absorption provided by our Extra Strength formulas adds even more to the value.

Normal Use: 1 capsule daily, up to 8 weeks, followed by a 2 week break.  Intensive Use: 1 capsule twice a day, up to 2 weeks.  Children 2-12: For each serving, mix _ to _ of the powder inside a capsule with food.  For maximum absorption, take on an empty stomach.  If there is any digestive upset, take with food.

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