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PRICE: $47.95
• Increases Free-Testosterone levels up to 12,000%
• Increases Total Testosterone levels
• Inhibits Estrogen
• Influences synergistic thyroid hormone optimization
• Up-regulation of Very Large Fast Twitch (Type II) Muscle Fiber Myosin Heavy Chain Development
• Promotes Conversion of Slow Twitch (Type I) Muscle Fibers To Fast Twitch (Type II) Muscle Fibers
• Enhances the muscle building effects of resistance weight training for greater gains in muscle size and strength

NOVATEST™ is a revolutionary scientific breakthrough in testosterone enhancement that incorporates synergistic myosin muscle tissue remodeling effects utilizing a specialized designer Anti-Aromatase Complex and endocrine augmenting co-factors. NOVATEST is designed to block the action of the aromatase enzyme, which causes a reduction in estrogen levels and a quick and dramatic rise in Free Testosterone levels. In addition to its anti-aromatase action, NOVATEST activates the precise endocrine pathways required for promoting myosin muscle tissue remodeling to further enhance the muscle building process.

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