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Diet Sonic Tea Raspberry 20 fl. oz. / 12 Bottles
PRICE: $14.40
Raging Raspberry
NEW! Diet Sonic Tea 4 - Raspberry
Diet Sonic Tea 4 is a jam-packed, sugar free tea that lacks in calories, but certainly not in taste. This diet formula includes a naturally invigorating combination of 4 tasty teas, plus caffeine and South African Hoodia, the buzzed-about dieting ingredient that has been traditionally used when cutting calories. Available in respberry and lemon flavors that each have only 10 calories per serving, these delicious teas are designed to give you an energy boost, to help you make the most of your calorie-burning workouts.*

  • Only 10 Calories Per Bottle!
  • Completely Free of Sugar and Fat
  • Includes a Blend of 4 Different Natural Teas, Plus Hoodia!
  • Contains No Ephedra

UPC: 749826143057

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