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Botanical Works - Men's Body Bar 4.5 OZ
PRICE: $4.52
Today’s man wants to have the best skin possible; soft, moisturized, non drying, not harsh on this skin and most importantly smelling like a natural man.  Here is the bar.  Lots of skin nourishing oils that will help to maintain smooth, beautiful skin, without the flowers but all the benefits.  A slight blend of tangy Lime, West Indian bay and Cardamon leaving a clean fresh scent.

All of our soaps naturally retain their glycerin because of the unique way they are made.  We use only the purest ingredients so the skin will not dry out.  Each ingredient provides its own special benefit.  All of our formulae have been enhanced to provide increased levels of emollients to maximize the moisturizing and conditioning effects.

UPC: 817193010019

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