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Kyolic Kyo-Red 5.3 oz-UNAVAILABLE
PRICE: $25.97
Kyo-RedĒ Antioxidant Superfruit Blend is a unique and nutritious combination of natural superfruits, vegetables and fiber in a tasty, antioxidant-rich, powdered drink mix.
  • This refreshing blend of nutrient-dense berries and exotic tropical fruits includes acai, pomegranate, cranberry, black currant, passion fruit, blueberry, pineapple, raspberry and apple.
  • With essential polyphenols and anthocyanins and rich in Vitamin C, Kyo-RedĒ provide a superior 5,000 ORAC blast of antioxidants and two grams of fiber blend in one daily serving!
  • Take this delicious, all-natural, phytonutrient superfruit blend everyday to help boost your immune system, increase energy, promote detoxification and anti-aging, maintain regularity and colon health, support cardiovascular function, and increase overall vitality and well-being.*
  • Add a little Kyo-RedĒ to your day, and be berry healthy!
  • UPC: 023542712507

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