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VPX - Meltdown Peach Mango 2.5Oz 24/CS
PRICE: $50.88

We’ve taken the technology that drives the world’s most potent thermogenic ever in the history of mankind and delivered the benefits to you in a 2.5 ounce shot! Yes, we’re talking about the Meltdown 7-Hour shot. With the same ingredients that power Meltdown capsules, expect an increase in metabolic rate that’s greater than the powerful Ephedrine/Caffeine combination and one that lasts for several hours throughout the day. Scientists were amazed at Meltdown’s potency and you should be too because Meltdown means massive metabolic increases to burn calories and fat faster than any fat burner on the planet. Meltdown is the urgent fix for fast fat loss and a leaner and sexier physique for you NOW! Why does MELTDOWN work so effectively at burning fat? We can guess you’ve probably heard of Yohimbine. Yohimbine is what scientists call an “alpha antagonist”, which simply means it binds to and deactivates specific “alpha receptors”. This action is critical because it increases blood flow to the fat cells causing stubborn fat to be released into the bloodstream allow¬ing it to be burned. Yohimbine is one of the only substances that has this targeted fat burning effect in the body. What’s even more amazing is that Meltdown contains two new forms of Yohimbine that you won’t find in any other fat burner! One is called “Alpha Yohimbine” and the other is called “11-Hydroxy Yohimbine”. Together these two new substances can exert a fat-burning effect for up to 7 hours! Imagine a supplement that could burn fat for up to 7 hours — MELTDOWN really is THAT powerful! How long does it take for MELTDOWN to work? You will notice the effects immediately. Users often notice an overall "thermogenic" effect in as little as 15 minutes that lasts for up to 1/3 of the day!

Recommended Use:

RECOMMENDED USE: Shake well prior to use. Always begin use with 1/3 bottle (.83 FL OZ) of MELTDOWN SHOT® daily to assess tolerance. Never exceed more than one half (1/2) bottle per 12 hours or one full bottle daily. One half (1/2) bottle is one full serving.

UPC: 610764704870

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