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Renew Life 3-Day DIET Start six 2-oz. bottles
PRICE: $16.99

Simple 2-week Cleanse Helps Jumpstart Weight Loss & Enhance Metabolismā

  • 14-day, 2-part pre-diet body cleanse programā
  • Promotes using stored fat for energyā
  • Helps the body increase lean body mass
  • Ideal for weight lossā
  • Helps the body eliminate toxinsā

This powerful natural cleansing formula is designed to jumpstart weight loss and enhance metabolism.ā

DIET Start I:Fat Cleanse Formula includes Svetol¨, a proven natural weight loss enhancer derived from decaffeinated green coffee beans. In addition to its potent antioxidant properties, Svetol has been shown to support healthy glucose (sugar) metabolism by delaying the absorption of glucose from foods.ā When this happens, stored fat is released from the bodyÕs fat cells to help supply a needed energy source for everyday functions.

DIET Start II: Colon Cleanse Formula is a potent colon cleanse with rhubarb and cape aloe to support healthy bowel function, and magnesium hydroxide to help hydrate the bowel.ā Added FraxiPure¨, a natural extract of the European ash tree, has been shown to help inhibit excess sugar absorption by the kidneys.ā

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