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Purus Labs Fat Smack Xr 90 Caps
PRICE: $33.12

Fat Smack™ is yet another novel product designed by Purus Labs® adhering to our established guidelines of including only research-validated ingredients with oral efficacy shown in human subjects AND including them at the exact dosages proven efficacious in the research. Fat Smack™ contains a unique blend of ingredients, each carefully selected for their potential impact on weight/fat loss related variables, as opposed to a wash-list proprietary blend of unsubstantiated materials like so many others. With the new Fat Smack XR, you get a powerful thermolipolytic with an extended release that won't quit out on you. Brevity, transparency, and precision, the exact principle logic fueling Purus Labs®.*

  • Incite Thermogenesis*
  • Elevate Energy Levels*
  • Amplify Fatty Acid Mobilization*
  • Blunt Appetite*
  • Extended Release*
  • UPC: 855734002086

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