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Protein Plus Cereal 11.5 oz-TEMP OUT OF STOCK
PRICE: $3.50
Many athletes have discovered that high protein diets provide energy that lasts. They use the following combination: 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein, and 30% fat. Independent studies from Pepperdine University and Sansum Medical Research Foundation in Santa Barbara, California demonstrated that the 40.30.30 formula improved athletic performance and aided in weight loss.

Nobody would eat sugar-covered bread for lunch or dinner, but it's the only option in the cereal aisle. Popular cereals are just different shapes and colors of the same food: carbohydrates. And, carbohydrates digest quickly, leaving you hungry. Protein digest slower giving you sustained energy and keeping you full.

Eat Protein PlusŪ with whole milk and almonds to achieve that optimal 40.30.30 combination. Or, eat Protein PlusŪ with skim milk as a low-fat option.
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