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Optimum Nutrition - After Max 20 servings-TEMP UNAVAILABLE
PRICE: $35.74
Optimum Nutrition's After Max¨ is a comprehensive post-workout powder that establishes a foundation for accelerated recovery and serious muscle growth. This state-of-the-art recovery formula supplies a superior blend of 40 grams of the highest quality proteins, with rapidly digesting carbohydrates, free form amino acids and 22 vitamins and essential minerals including antioxidants and electrolytes. After Max also provides 5 grams of Creapureª brand Creatine Monohydrate, over 5 grams of Glutamine from L-Glutamine, Glutamine Peptides, and Whey Protein, 1 gram of Taurine and enzyme systems to help maximize post-workout recovery.

Beyond The Basics

  • 40 g of WHEY PROTEIN Blend Featuring Whey Protein Isolates and Hydrolysates
  • 40 g of Carbohydrates
  • Only 5 g of Sugar
  • 5g of L-Glutamine and Glutamine Peptides
  • 5 g of CreaPure¨ Creatine
  • Enhanced with Taurine, Aminogen¨, and Carbogen¨
  • 22 Vitamins and Essential Minerals
  • UPC: 748927022865

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