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Natural Sources Raw Pancreas 50 cap
PRICE: $10.20

Natural Sources Raw Pancreas is a Glandular Concentrate with Synergistic Complex is easy-to-digest capsules.  Raw tissue concentrates imported from New Zealand are made from toxin-free lyophilized glands from animals grazed on rangeland free of pesticides, growth hormones, antibiotics or chemical additives.

The pancreas secretes digestive enzymes into the small intestine and produces hormones for release into the blood. The digestive enzymes are crucial to the proper breakdown of ingested fats, proteins and sugars. The pancreatic hormones are insulin, which decreases blood sugar, and glucagon, which increases blood sugar. Together, the two hormones play an important role in regulating the sugar level of the blood.

The panceas has two important functions in the body:

  • Glucose
  • Digestion

The pancreas enzymes perform the bulk of food digestion. This is important sincemany of the degenerative diseases affecting the elderly can be attributed to poordigestion.

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