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Natural Sources Concentrate,Elderberry 8 oz-OUT OF STOCK
PRICE: $7.92
Natural Sources Natural Elderberry Concentrate has the certification of quality. Natural Sources Natural Elderberry Concentrate uses the finest fruit available and process it low temperatures to retain as much of the natural goodness as possible. Elderberry has been traditionally used to help support the immune system, especially during the winter season or when experiencing extra stress. Elderberries have long been used as food, particularly in the dried form. Elderberry wine, pie, and lemonade are some of the popular ways to prepare this plant as food. The leaves were touted by European herbalists to be pain relieving and to promote healing of injuries when applied as a poultice.1 Native American herbalists used the plant for infections, coughs, and skin conditions. Numerous species of elder or elderberry grow in Europe and North America. Only those with blue/black berries are medicinal. The flowers and berries are both used. Species with red berries are not medicinal.

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