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Natures Plus DreamQuest Tushy Derm Wipes 40 Ct
PRICE: $9.10
Gentle Care You Can Trust


Enhanced with the Amazing Benefits of Cranberry!Diverse cultures throughout the world swear by healing properties of cranberry! Utilizing the widely recognized power of this amazing super fruit, TUSHY DERM® Baby Powder and Wipes are a natural and effective treatment for diaper rash. TUSHY DERM Baby Powder and Wipes are the first and only baby hygiene products to feature patent - pending CranVaccin™, the revolutionary topical formula that keeps your baby's most sensitive skin soothed and protected, naturally!Today emerging research reveals more and more of the exciting potential of cranberry! From ancient times, when Native Americans used cranberry for treating wounds and urinary problems, to colonial days, when sailors used cranberry to prevent scurvy, cranberry has been a staple ancient remedy. And women all over the globe have benefited from the superior health-fortifying properties of cranberry for centuries! New research suggests that cranberry has even more impressive topical activity! Just as cranberries promote urinary tract health when consumed, TUSHY DERM with CranVaccin™ promotes the health of the entire diaper area, when applied topically! What's more, TUSHY DERM Baby Powder and Wipes are gentle enough to soothe even the most sensitive baby's skin! TUSHY DERM® Baby WipesWith soothing aloe and vitamin E, TUSHY DERM® Baby Wipes promote a healthier, more comfortable diaper area. With the unique properties of patent pending CranVaccin™ topical cranberry extract, sanitary TUSHY DERM Baby Wipes cleanse, cool and refresh baby's most delicate skin. Luxuriously soft, all-natural TUSHY DERM Baby Wipes feature a delightfully clean baby powder scent. Safe enough to trust with your most precious gift.TUSHY DERM Baby Wipes:
  • Sanitary cleansing action
  • Cools and refreshes with soothing aloe and vitamin E
  • Biodegradable and luxuriously soft
  • Clean, powder-fresh scent
  • CranVaccin herbal activity
  • Safe and effective
For best results, use TUSHY DERM Powder with TUSHY DERM Baby Wipes, all enhanced with the amazing activity of patent-pending CranVaccin™ cranberry extract. Once you discover the difference of natural, herbal comfort, your baby's diaper area will never be the same!

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