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Modern Mermaids Healthy Hand Foamy With or Without Water 1.7 oz
PRICE: $3.24
Pump gas, save a turtle on the side of the road and then a quick stop at the supermarket. We don’t want to be germaphobes but a little “cleaning” of the hands is always warranted.

Our waterless hand cleaner leaves your hands smelling minty clean without the stickiness of gels or the harshness of alcohol. Other hand “sanitizers” change the PH of the skin often causing micro cracks in the hands that may introduce bacteria back into our bodies, defeating the purpose of hand cleaning!

A little pump, rub your hands and give it five seconds to “dissolve”.

Easy to use, safe and convenient, know that you and your family are naturally germ free! Keep in the car, your purse, backpack, etc….
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