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The MLO family of protein powders/shakes includes Mus L Blast, Brown Rice Protein, Milk & Egg Protein, All Vegetable Protein and Super High. These products mix to create great tasting, high protein delivery shakes suitable for a healthy and/or athletically active life style. Complementing the shakes are MLO Bio Protein Bars and Extreme Bars, which deliver 21 and 30 grams of protein, respectively, in each bars. Additionally, MLO Xtreme Bars provide 5 grams of Creatine to promote rapid muscle recovery after workouts or high performance athletics.
MLO All Vegetable Protein -16 Oz
PRICE: $9.42
MLO Brown Rice Protein Powder- 24 Oz-TEMP OUT OF STOCK
PRICE: $12.67
MLO Milk and Egg Protein Powder 16 Oz
PRICE: $15.73
MLO Mus-L Blast Chocolate Shake 47 oz.
PRICE: $14.56
MLO Mus-L Blast Strawberry Shake 47 oz.
PRICE: $14.56
MLO Mus-L Blast Vanilla Shake 47 oz.
PRICE: $14.55
MLO Super High Protein Powder 16 Oz
PRICE: $9.42
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