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Liddell Delivery Support 1 oz
PRICE: $9.75
Every woman preparing for birth is embarking in the most rewarding and empowering journey of her life - bringing a new being into the world. Delivery Support has been formulated to help you achieve a natural childbirth and to help decrease the incidences where mom's membranes are purposefully ruptured, oxytocin is administered and/or pain medication is required. Delivery Support is intended to be taken from week 34 to delivery, together with Pregnancy Balance.

Delivery Support is doctor-formulated to provide a relaxing effect to connective tissues and relieve symptoms associated with late-term pregnancy, labor and delivery, such as:

  • - Bleeding from the uterus during pregnancy
  • - False pains of labor
  • - Pain or spasms in the uterus
  • - Irregular, disappearing or weak contractions
  • - Abnormal breast swelling

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