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Liddell Vital Brain Energy 1 oz
PRICE: $12.97

Homeopathic Medicine for Memory Aid

Want to sharpen your mind? Having trouble remembering names, people or events? Or, does it simply feel harder to collect your thoughts? If so, you're ready for VitÓl Brain Energy, a homeopathic oral spray from Liddell. It's a "two sprays, three times a day" sublingual treatment supported by centuries of holistic science to treat the erratic symptoms of the aging mind - safely and naturally. Many adults and children with short attention spans have been helped with this wonderful product.

Provides temporary relief for:

  • - Lapses in ability to remember facts, names, people, words
  • - Feelings of confusion or difficulty in collecting one's thoughts
  • - Mental exhaustion

    UPC: 363113217964

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