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For a lot of things in life, my Dad has always been there with good advice when I needed it: “Ignore those kids — your ears aren’t big, your head is just small,” and sure enough my head grew, eventually making my ears look smaller (kind of); “Read some Hemingway, focus on your writing, and practice those Mikan drills,” and I ended up getting into my favorite college in Maine to play basketball and befriended a couple classic novels; “Create a soap that doesn’t dry-out and make my skin itch.” Huh?

Sitting on our favorite beach on Cape Cod with my Mom and sis’, I asked my Dad if he was serious or kidding about his soap comment. “Half kidding,” he said. So while I had never thought about making soap before, let alone an entire skincare line, my Dad’s quasi-serious piece of advice would turn out to be quite serendipitous.

I had recently finished grad school where I learned the importance of the connections between our health, the environment, organic agriculture, and sustainable business. I had also come to realize from talking with many people, that there was a huge void in the global skincare industry for truly natural, organic products that were as effective — or more effective — than conventional products. And so, I started LEAP Organics with the simple goal of creating superior soap and skincare products and an even better business. Easily said, not so easily done.

I embarked on a two-year mission, researching Mother Nature’s best ingredients. The more I learned, the more I realized all those six-syllable additives in other products are just cheap, chemical shortcuts for natural ingredients like shea butter, jojoba, pomegranate, and green tea. Sourcing only the finest natural ingredients for LEAP wasn’t enough, though — they had to be grown and harvested sustainably, following strict certified-organic farming practices. No pesticides, no GMOs, no synthetics, no funny business. Pure, organic, natural, wholesome soaps, moisturizers, and facial cleansers — no more, never less.

I also obsessed over making the company as natural as our products, so I built LEAP from the ground up using sustainable business principles. Renewable energy powers our production, or at least offsets our usage; recycled and recyclable materials constitute our packaging; and zero-waste principles guide our business decisions. We also committed to donating 3% of our annual revenues to global environmental non-profits and hope to inspire the next generation of environmental leaders in our communities.

LEAP Organics is a sustainable company with exceptional soap and skincare products that we are truly proud to share with you. Each of us has our morning and evening cleaning rituals, and we will be honored to become a part of your daily routine.

Keep it clean,

Founder and Owner

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