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LaneLabs - GI-48 30 Caps
PRICE: $28.95

If you've been taking a probiotic for digestive health, here's good news: new GI48 gives you powerful probiotic protection that lasts.

GI48 - The every-other-day probiotic

  • A uniquely effective probiotic
  • Just one capsule every-other-day.
  • GI48 Starts working immediately

Why take a whole handfull of other probiotics when you can take one GI48 every other day.

And if you're not yet taking a probiotic, here's why you should:

  • Our digestive systems are home to literally billions of bacteria - and we'd be a miserable mess without them! But changes in diet, travel, or stress can reduce the number of beneficial organisms in our digestive tracts.

That's where GI48 comes in.
The friendly bacteria that inhabit our intestines help break down proteins, carbohydrates and fats into their components (e.g amino acids, vitamins and minerals) so our bodies can use them.

It's a synergistic relationship: we provide them with a safe place to live and grow, and they help us digest and absorb our food. It works great. as long as there are enough of them. And when there aren't enough, GI48 is the answer.

The key: a healthy balance
Conditioned as we are to think of bacteria as trouble-making organisms, it's hard to accept that you could actually have too few of these microorganisms in your digestive system. Yet that is actually quite common. And when it happens, our bodies let us know - with occasional constipation, irregularity, or bloating. But now, there is a simple, natural way to maintain a balance of healthy intestinal flora - with GI48.

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