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LaneLabs - EnerG 90 Caps
PRICE: $28.95
Gives you more get up and GO!

  • Research suggests that EnerG works at the cellular level
  • Supports physical endurance and muscle recovery
  • HAI™ Potentiated for Enhanced Absorption

Americans are tired. For some of us, it’s a simple matter of not getting enough rest. For others, there’s a metabolic cause. Often that cause is inadequate nutrition. Diet and lifestyle is draining your energy

The typical American diet contains too many processed foods, trans fatty acids and empty calories and too few essential nutrients. So the first step toward increasing your overall energy level must be to improve your diet. But you can do even more.

EnerG™ is a dietary supplement with Maca G™ and HAI™. The Peruvian root, Maca, appears to enhance endurance and speed recovery from muscle fatigue. Maca G is a specially processed form of the root in which long chain starches are broken down under high pressure. HAI™, a patented amino acid extract from Japanese hijiki seaweed, is added to the Maca G to further enhance absorption. The key ingredient, in EnerG added to cell mixtures in vitro, has benefited ATP (adenosine triphosphate) activity. The breakdown of ATP in cells is what produces the energy that fuels key metabolic processes in your body. It may also help reduce lactic acid buildup — a major cause of muscle fatigue.

Genuine energy support
Research suggests that EnerG works to support your body’s endurance at the cellular level. Other herbs or stimulants may increase your “feeling” of energy but not necessarily the amount of physical energy in your cells. One capsule three times daily can help make the difference between dragging through your day and falling into bed exhausted, or confronting each new challenge with vigor and vitality from morning until night. Try it for a month and see for yourself what a difference a little EnerG can make!

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