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New AdvaJOINT™ is the culmination of 40 years of clinical research
  • Goes beyond Glucosamine and Lyprinol
  • HAI™ potentiated so you take less

There are hundreds of joints in the human body – including 33 in each foot alone. And while the ones we’re most likely to notice (especially when they’re giving us trouble) are the fingers, wrist and knee, every single one of those joints requires proper nutrition to stay in good working order.
To move freely and comfortably, a joint generally requires at least two things: adequate lubrication (synovial fluid) and strong, healthy joint tissue (including cartilage and tendons). And while taking AdvaCAL Fast Release® calcium is the best way we know to support the health of your bones, AdvaJOINT™ helps ensure that the joints connecting those bones are comfortable, cushioned and lubricated.

Another wonder from the sea!
AdvaJOINT is a dietary supplement containing GlycoMarine™ – a proprietary extract of Green Lipped Mussel - potentiated with HAI™. GlycoMarine is a rich natural source of glycosaminoglycans (polysaccharides with a glucosamine base) and the omega-3 fatty acids EPA (eicosapentanoic acid) and DHA (docosohexanoic acid). HAI™ amino acid extract appears to enhance the bio-availability of hard-to-absorb nutrients, allowing them to move easily out of the intestines into the bloodstream. Research suggests that AdvaJOINT works by supporting the normal regulation of prostaglandins which play an important role for healthy, comfortable joint movement. It also contains mucopolysaccharides which help support joint cushioning.

The ingredients in AdvaJOINT are backed by 40 years of research. In one published study, people with long-standing joint support concerns were divided into two groups. Among those taking Glycomarine, 68% in the first group and 40% in the second saw joint improvement. (Some saw no improvement.) Many noticed a benefit in just 90 days. A second study on 53 people measured the impact of taking Glycomarine for the knee. Many of the participants saw improvement in 4 key measurement criteria. Three additional criteria were also trending positive. Some also saw no improvement.

HAI™ Potentiated
We’ve supercharged the Glycomarine in AdvaJOINT by adding HAI™. HAI™ appears to enhance the absorption of nutrients. HAI™ means more benefit to you.

Perfect with AdvaCAL
Both AdvaCAL and AdvaJOINT promote joint health, but in different ways. Dr. Takuo Fujita, M.D., past president of Japans Osteoporosis Foundation, has theorized that taking AdvaCAL calcium may help protect joint cartilage from calcium deposits. The glycosaminoglycans and omega-3 fatty acids in AdvaJOINT are designed to help support the synovial fluid needed for healthy joint lubrication and comfortable joint movement. Taken together, AdvaCAL and AdvaJOINT can be expected to promote excellent bone and joint health.

For best results, take one 500 mg AdvaJOINT capsule twice daily, with meals. While you may notice some benefits in a matter of days, be patient. The overall benefit is cumulative. In a few months, you are never going to want to give up your AdvaJOINT!

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