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This is our slogan, which perfectly fits our 100% natural Jengimiel. This product is prepared with bee honey made from the “mastranto” flower with another excellent ingredient, ginger. This combination gave birth to our JENGIMIEL, helpful for ailments of the throat and bronchial tubes caused mainly by lingering flu, excessive use of the voice, smoking, asthma, and/or cough. JENGIMIEL brings together in one product all the healing virtues of the natural ingredients already mentioned.
Jengimiel Cough Syrup 4oz.
PRICE: $8.39
Jengimiel Cough Syrup for Children 4oz. TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE
PRICE: $8.39
Jengimiel Cough Syrup Forte with Aloe 4oz.
PRICE: $8.39
Jengimiel Organic Cough Syrup Sugar Free 4oz.
PRICE: $9.44
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