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IDS Waximaize Fruit Punch 5lb
PRICE: $32.47
Dietary Supplement. Bio-Engineered. Complex Carb Supplement. Bio Engineered Performance! Potent Fast Acting for Bigger Pumps. Increases Blood Volume! 40g of High Molecular Weight Carbohydartes. Complex Carb Supplement. Swells Muscles. Bigger Pumps. Increases Blood Volume. Dietary supplement. Waximaize is a corn based modified starch with unique properties in the human body. While most complex carbohydrates from normal food sources remain in the stomach to be digested, broken down into shorter carbohydrate sugar chains before entering the bloodstream, Waximaize with its unusually high engineered molecular weight "Drops" through the stomach at twice the speed! Because of this, Waximaize remains a complex or long chain carbohydrate as it enters the small intestine for absorption. In addition to this, Waximaize has a very low Osmolarity which allows it to quickly and effortlessly cross into the bloodstream intact. Stage 1. Once in the bloodstream Waximaize draws subcutaneous water (Water trapped just under the skin) into the bloodstream, quickly increasing blood volume. This initial response reveals definition in the muscle previously washed out by the thin film of what was previously perceived as body fat. Stage 2. This increased blood volume causes visible veins to appear in the limbs to carry the increased blood volume to muscles. This vascularity adds to the appearance of a leaner physique. Stage 3. this increased blood volume delivers Waximaize to waiting muscles, overloading glycogen stores for an unparallel "full" feeling. This glycogen loading fills muscle bellies revealing previously unseen peaks in size. Waximaize in combination with other supplements including Creatine, Testosterone Boosters, Stimulants, N.O.Products, or Amino Acids will dramatically increase the speed and efficiency of absorption into the bloodstream and subsequently to muscles.

UPC: 675941001722

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