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Himalaya - Garlic - Coronary Support 60 caplet
PRICE: $7.77
60 caplets . 3000 mcg allicin
Easy-to-Swallow Caplets . additive free

Garlic (Allium sativum) is a well-known culinary spice, used by countless cultures for thousands of years, as one of history's most well-researched plants for broad-spectrum, full-body support.

  • Researchers at Hartford Hospital (Connecticut), conducted a meta-analysis study of ten recent clinical trials and found Garlic to be supportive of normal blood pressure levels in the body. Ann Pharmacother. 2008 Dec;42(12):1766-71.

  • Scientists at the Department of Medicinal Chemistry, Hebrew University-Hassadah Medical School, Jerusalem, recently studied Garlic for its antioxidant activity and support of normal cardiovascular function. They found Garlic to be supportive of normal plasma lipid levels and noted the herbs "positive influences." Mol Nutr Food Res. 2007 Nov;51(11):1365-81.

  • There actually may be some logical reasoning behind Garlic's legendary protection against vampires and evil spirits. Some historians believe the plant physiologically supported the natural healing ability of people who had delusions and mental illnesses, therefore making their "demons" go away.

key benefits

  • Supports normal cardiovascular function*
  • Supports normal platelet function*
  • Supports normal serum cholesterol levels*
  • Offers a broad range of body supportive mechanisms*


Take 2 caplets twice daily after meals. Allow several weeks for full benefits and lasting results.

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