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Garden of Life - Extraordinary Beauty Lovely Legs 30 Capsules
PRICE: $22.67

Extraordinary Beauty?

Lovely Legs?

Extraordinary Beauty Lovely Legs is a natural antioxidant with 95% diosmin made from the bioflavonoid hesperidin from oranges, and is free of horse chestnut. It is the exact form that is backed by extensive clinical research demonstrated to reduce varicose veins.

Why Extraordinary Beauty Lovely Legs

Some say that beauty is only skin deep. But when it comes to true beauty, most would agree it comes from within. Extraordinary beauty radiates from extraordinary health. Lovely Legs contains 95% diosmin, an antioxidant bioflavonoid clinically demonstrated to reduce the visible signs of varicose and spider veins, as well as to alleviate occasional swelling in the legs and ankles known as ?heavy legs.?? Lovely Legs is among the only diosmin formulas available backed by extensive human clinical studies. Widely prescribed by doctors in Europe for decades, Lovely Legs from Garden of Life provides the exact form and full clinical potency of diosmin backed by extensive human clinical research. Lovely Legs promotes the health and tone of small veins and capillaries, especially in your legs, supporting healthy circulation necessary for lively, beautiful legs.? Lovely Legs also promotes lymphatic flow and drainage, which supports the body?s natural detoxification system.?

Extraordinary Beauty Lovely Legs Benefits

  • Supports the health and the tone of veins and capillaries, especially in the legs?
  • Reduces the visible signs of varicose and spider veins?
  • Supports healthy blood flow and circulation, especially in the legs?
  • Helps reduce the occasional swelling, water retention and the sensation of heaviness in legs caused by standing or overexertion?
  • Helps maintain overall blood vessel strength?
  • Supports the body?s natural detoxification system?
  • Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free

Extraordinary Beauty Lovely Legs?a clinical strength, natural antioxidant formula to support healthy blood flow and circulation, especially in the legs.? Love your legs?with Lovely Legs.?

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