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Fiber35 - CleanseFit 2 Pt Kit
PRICE: $20.39
* Great pre-diet and while-dieting detox program
• Simple, fast and effective
• Natural
• Gluten-free

Fiber35 Diet CleanseFit is a deep-acting, 15-day total-body detoxification and metabolic jumpstart program. Cleansing and detoxification of the entire body, with specific emphasis on fat cells and the liver, is an important step in maintaining a healthy metabolism and jumpstarting an effective weight management program‡. The herbs, nutraceuticals and sulfur-containing amino acids found in CleanseFit are critical components to any detoxification program‡.

CleanseFit is a simple 2-step program providing whole herbs and nutraceuticals to address both the cleansing and elimination of toxins‡.
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