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Freeman Formula Upgrade Box Grape 12/2 fl. oz.
PRICE: $55.00

This revolutionary premium product is a game changer in the area of functional tonics and energy products. Upgrade is a brain formula that creates long lasting, non jitter, non adrenal stimulant energy. Safeguard your brain while upgrading from your old outdated energy product. All energy products down-regulate the adrenal function creating adrenal fatigue which results in low energy, weight gain, exhaustion, insomnia, dulled senses and sluggishness. Upgrade, upgrades your system by supporting mental connectedness, increasing the speed a signal is sent within your brain, resulting in an accelerated reaction time and an awakening of your senses. Upgrade helps to improve your performance and productivity. Live your potential and increase your mental clarity, suppress fatigue, amplify memory and recall. Support your bodies own ability to regulate mood enhancement and happiness.

UPC: 854475004144

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