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Freeman Formula Complete Meal Caramel Caffe 24 Serving Containers
PRICE: $55.00

Complete Meals are a delicious all-natural meal replacement packed with 100% premium ion-exchange whey protein, chia superfood, brown rice, essential vitamins, and minerals all in a great tasting 163 calories, per serving!

The meals offer performance nutrition with the highest bioavailable ion-exchange whey protein isolate, allowing for maximum absorption to fuel your body. It will leave you feeling full without bloat or a bad taste in your mouth.

Why is Ion-exchange whey protein the best? By using the Ion-exchange method, we are able to isolate the whey from milk using ion exchange resins, charge affinity, and mild pH adjustments. This is important because by doing this we remove impurities and undesired materials producing the purest protein.

Complete meals offer all-natural ingredients free of artificial sweeteners, dyes, color phosphates, or fillers and are great for making smoothies, baking healthy delicious recipes or for a nutritious shake.

It comes in a ready to mix powder for the man, woman, business professional, professional athlete, anyone who is looking for a meal replacement shake that is low in calories, high in protein and fiber and easy to make.

UPC: 854475003536

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