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Evolution Labs Xlevol Fruit Punch 1.85LB
PRICE: $41.59
Looking for the next generation preworkout supplement? Tried No-Xplode and are ready to be blown away by the latest muscle building supplement? Well it is no suprise that Evolution Labs has come to the rescue with the release of XLEvol. With XLevol, you will get the benefit of several pump-inducing ingredients including creatine and arginine. You will feel amazing increases in strength, stamina, and muscle pumps from XLEvol. Increased mental focus is another added benefit of XLEvol by Evolution Labs.

XLEvol is the first supplement of it's kind in that it combines a potent creatine matrix with the muscle pumping power of arginine and the highly touted waxy maize. The mental focusing agents in XLEvol will have you clear-headed and focused on the task at hand.

XLEVOL by Evolution Labs is available in two great tasting flavors: Fruit Punch and Tropical Citrus.

Please Note: 300mg of caffeine per scoop, with vitargo starch as a transport. This stuff will hit hard and fast, consumers may want to start out with 1 to 1.5 scoops to evaluate tolerance...

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