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EAS - Pro Science Finish, 20-2.7 oz Powder Packets TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE
PRICE: $47.66

Post-Training Recovery Shake. 35g of high quality protein refuels and builds lean muscle. Beta-Alanine delays muscle fatigue. Structure lipids support fat soluble nutrient absorption. In 1992, EAS took the sports world by storm with its Creatine. Since then, professional athletes have trusted EAS for over 15 years. Today, you'll find EAS at the backbone of many professional sports because EAS is part of NSF International's Certified for Sport program. As athletes continue to push themselves to the next level, so have we. EAS recently went back to the laboratory and created our most advanced product line ever, Pro Science. Safe and effective, Pro Science provides athletes with a broad spectrum of nutrition for their training regimen. Finish is an advanced high protein recovery formula, delivering essential amino acids to help build muscles and increase lean body mass. The addition of beta-Alanine boosts carnosine levels in the body, reducing acid buildup in the muscles. Combined with a structured lipid system containing MCTs and essential fatty acids, Finish gives your body just what it needs to rebuild and recover. Pro Science. Find your next level. Directions

For a rich, creamy shake, combine the contents of a packet with 15 fl. oz. cold water or skim milk and thoroughly mix in a blender or shaker for 45 seconds. Some individuals may experience a milk flushing sensation. Reducing or dividing the dosage may reduce or eliminate this sensation. Warnings

Contains Milk and Soy Ingredients.

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