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CNP Professional Pro Slam 27 Fruit Punch 2.9 oz 12/Cs-TEMP UNAVAILABLE
PRICE: $23.32
ProSLAM! contains 27 grams of protein per serving - the maximum amount of hydrolyzed protein that the human body can efficiently absorb and use in one dose. Don't let anyone fool you into thinking that a higher dose of hydrolyzed protein will be better for you! Your body can only use 27 grams of hydrolyzed protein at any one time. For you to try to consume more than that would simply be a waste of the protein and your money.

ProSLAM! can be slammed down in 5 delicious seconds as a pre-workout or daily protein supplement and are protected in a virtually unbreakable container. Each order contains 12 vials.

ProSLAM! delivers a quality blend and pre-workout (non stimulant) kick to drive you through any exercise or sport activity. Never before has it been so easy and delicious to get the extra protein you need to supplement any active individual's diet regimen.

Nutritional Facts

  • 27 grams of protein is easy to digest and assimilate.
  • Pre-workout formula to increase intensity and workload capabilities.
  • 2.7 ounce drink with protein that can be slammed down in 5 seconds flat.
  • A heat stable formula with a one-year shelf life & can be stored in most any environment.
  • Contains Beta-alanine - a carnosine Synthesizer.
  • Can travel with you anywhere for convenient and safe use.
  • Three delicious flavors - Lemon Lime, Fruit Punch,  Peach.
  • You can feel it working ... Feel the Tingle!

Suggested Use: Take one vial before any exercise activity or use with meals or snacks for added protein to enhance recovery and lean muscle gain.

UPC: 683623300049

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