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Champion Nutrition Met-Max Vanilla 2.7Lb.
PRICE: $46.54

Go beyond your limits!

For the demands of extreme training, your body requires maximum support. For this reason we created Met-Max—the ultimate non-steroid nutritional supplement to help you build muscle.

What is Met-Max?

Met-Max began with a concept—a concept that was initiated by professional bodybuilders in order to create the ultimate non-steroidal anabolic formula that would give elite athletes the edge in their quest to achieve a stronger physique. In our development strategy, Met-Max had to:

  1. Deliver a significant amount of high-quality protein
  2. Stimulate muscle growth
  3. Prevent and/or reduce muscle loss
  4. Increase fat loss
  5. Deliver energy
  6. Increase strength

In the end, we achieved these six goals and something even more unique. A product that compares to no one in the very competitive sports nutrition arena...

Met-Max works for all types of athletes

Athletes plateau because their body stops responding to training. Progress in fat loss, size, strength or stamina slows down or stops altogether. Met-Max’s special ingredients re-energize your metabolism to help you break through the barrier separating you from your goals. It is the first product of its kind specifically formulated to make your metabolism more responsive, so whatever you are trying to do, happens faster and with greater effect. For this reason, Met-Max’s appeal has grown outside the market for bodybuilders and strength athletes to include professional and amateur athletes in the fields of football, baseball, hockey, basketball, track and cycling. The reason is well-known to all who use it. They get results quickly!

Endurance athletes use Met-Max to bust through stubborn plateaus. They are able to increase stamina, recover faster and feel better at the end of their day. Strength athletes use Met-Max because it helps them develop explosive power and size more quickly, and they accomplish this while gaining less fat than ever before. Since Met-Max is formulated to make your metabolism more responsive, it is the one product that crosses all the lines from hardcore strength to hardcore endurance.

In order to enhance muscle size, strength, power, stamina, fat loss, anti-catabolism and recovery, Met-Max contains the most complex combination of advanced, yet safe, performance-enhancing ingredients ever assembled in one product.

  • Protein from 6 different sources, including hydrolyzed whey protein, to help you build and repair muscle tissue.
  • 3 grams of HPCE pure creatine monohydrate to help maximize your muscle size and strength.
  • Arginine-aspartate to improve the anabolic environment stimulated by strenuous exercise.
  • BCAAs, KIC and succinates to help you recover faster and help reduce post-workout soreness.
  • OKG and L-glutamine to help improve nitrogen balance and prevent exercise-induced catabolism.
  • Vanadyl nicotinate to stimulate insulin release and to drive more carbohydrates and creatine into muscle cells.
  • Hydroxycitrate and low-glycemic carbohydrate to help reduce excess carbohydrates from being converted to fat.
  • Choline, L-carnitine and inositol to improve fat-burning/fat-to-energy efficiency.
  • Guarana and theobroma to maximize your energy levels.
  • Feverfew and quercetin to help prevent the inflammation caused by intense training.
  • Phosphatidylserine to blunt the catabolic hormone cortisol and help prevent muscle breakdown.

In the end, what can we say... No other product comes close...

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