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Axis Labs BCAA Ethyl Ester 180 Caps
PRICE: $38.97

BCAA Ethyl Ester (BCAAE2») Ester-Sorb» Technology

BCAA Ethyl Ester (BCAAE2») Ester-Sorb» Technology _ Elite Muscle Recovery Supplements

Axis Labs¬ introduces BCAA Ethyl Ester (BCAAE2»); unlock your genetic growth potential.

BCAAE2» The Missing Anabolic Trigger
BCAAE2» is the answer to improve your strength and muscle gains through non-hormonal anabolic action. BCAAE2» turns on the genes necessary for protein synthesis and anabolism in your muscle for dramatic gains. BCAAE2» also increases the release of hormones such as growth hormone (GH), IGF-1, and insulin, and can reduce cortisol secretion. BCAAE2» also act as an anti-catabolic, preventing your body from breaking down muscle tissue and using it for energy. Eating a high protein diet is not enough to ensure that your body is as anabolic as possible. BCAAE2» will turn on your muscle anabolism machinery and ensure that you can build slabs of new muscle.

Axis Labs¬ BCAAE2» is a high potency formula containing the essential amino acids L-Leucine, L-Valine and L-Isoleucine in a revolutionary ethyl ester form and in a specific ratio to maximize their effectiveness. These three protein sparing amino acids are known as branched chain amino acids, and play important roles in protein synthesis and energy metabolism. Your body can not manufacture its own branch chain amino acids, so they must be supplied through your diet. Studies have shown that they are important for a variety of reasons including muscle growth and recuperation. BCAAE2» is truly at the forefront of biochemically engineered supplements.

BCAA Ethyl Ester (BCAAE2») Highlights:
´ Potent anabolic activity to increase muscle growth
    ´ Increased Protein Synthesis and Nitrogen Retention by turning on anabolic genes
    ´ Increase the important anabolic hormones insulin, GH, and IGF1
´ Potent anti-catabolic activity to inhibit muscle breakdown
    ´ Muscle sparing
    ´ Glycogen sparing
´ Improved and increased muscle recovery
    ´ Lower lactate production
´ Dramatically more potent than regular BCAA's and metabolites like a-ketoisocaproic acid
´ Unmatched BCAA absorption and utilization (bioavailability)

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