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Atkins - Day Break Bar Ch/Chp Crsp 5 PACK
PRICE: $7.95
Morning?s never been sweeter or more satisfying. We bring on the chocolate chips and a rich, chocolaty bottom layer. Dream of chocolate, wide awake.

Don't have time for breakfast and the thought of eating at a fast food joint makes your stomach turn? GOOD NEWS! The Atkins Day Break Breakfast Bars were created for people just like you who are always on the go.

These nutritious and delicious low-carb breakfast bars are packed with essential vitamins and minerals, satisfying protein, contain no hydrogenated oils, and are 100% sugar-free!

At a mere 2-3g net carbs, these Atkins Day Break Breakfast Bars will make the perfect start to your day regardless of which phase of the low-carb lifestyle you are in!

UPC: 637480051033

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