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Always Young - Renewal HGH Orginal spray 1 fl oz - FREE Shipping! TEMP UNAVAILABLE
PRICE: $24.95
  • Improve Memory
  • Re-Hydrate Skin
  • Heighten Mood
  • Improve Sexual Desire

  • This is homeopathic HGH at its finest. A triple potency (10x/30x/100x) formula designed to optimize the extraordinary capabilities of growth hormone.

    The 10x portion of this formula is designed to focus the HGH for maximum results in the physical body. Thus, very specifically promoting the ability of HGH to work on the physical body (energy, strength, skin, hair, etc.).

    The 100x is for the core of the mental/emotional. This helps to enhance HGH's influence on mood, feelings of well-being, sense of mental and emotional strength and stability, as well as memory, concentration and mental process. The 30x is more of a general potency and will help to support all these areas but not necessarily focus on any one of them.

    Growth hormone has been clinically shown to relieve the mental and emotional symptoms of aging along with the physical issues. These can include depression, fading memory, desire to socialize, thought process, creativity, etc. The triple potency formulation of RenewalŪ Original optimizes HGH to cover this entire spectrum of aging.
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