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Yogi Teas - Cold Season Tea Sampler 16 bags
PRICE: $3.62
Contains 4 tea bags of each formula

Sometimes a boost is all you need to stay healthy in changing seasons. For comforting relief, keep our convenient Cold Season Tea Sampler on hand. These assorted healing herbal teas will assist you in the prevention of common ailments during the cold season and bring you balance and harmony in any type of weather.

Breathe Deep - Respiratory Support
Breathe Deep comforts and clears the mucous membranes and relaxes the muscles of the respiratory tract-benefiting your complete respiratory health. This safe and effective formula also helps counter many of the negative effects of stress and pollution.*

Cold Season - Nasal and Bronchial Aid Cold Season is safe, seasonal support for chilly weather, promoting free breathing as well as sinus, nasal and bronchial function. It's the perfect way to gently soothe membranes of the respiratory tract and encourage better adrenal function.*

Echinacea Immune Support - Immune System Boost Echinacea Immune Support assists your body's natural defense system by enhancing normal immune response. This healing formula is the natural path to a healthy immune system, while promoting efficient respiratory function.*

Throat Comfort - Throat Health Support Throat Comfort is soothing relief for minor irritations in the mucous membranes of the trachea and throat. This safe and beneficial formula also warms the respiratory tract, and helps suppress spasms of the muscles lining the bronchioles.*

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