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VPX - Bang RTD Exotic Fruit 16oz. 12/CS
PRICE: $45.00

Locked and Loaded, the sub-micron active compounds in BANG go to work FASTER and hit your Muscles HARDER than any drink on the planet. VPX guarantees sub-micron ingredient delivery through its multi-blade high speed shearing process all masterfully engineered in our own state of the art R and D and manufacturing facilities. ItŐs no wonder BANG! is critically acclaimed as the greatest hardcore muscle building sports drink innovation in history. Only BANG! powers your muscles with cutting edge compounds like COP¨: Ultra Pure Creatinol-O-Phosphate and the next generation compound far more powerful than beta-Alanine called, beta-Alanyl-1-Methyl-Histidine to Radically Increase Whole Body Creatine Retention. Feel the BPOV shuttle BCAA's into your muscles via the most anabolic hormone, insulin while GBB and Mg Tashinoate B deliver a Nitric Oxide-induced Mind Blowing Massive Muscle Swell.

World Class Patent Pending Invention

Recommended Use:

Drink eight ounces (one half bottle) of BANG! 20 minutes prior to your workout or athletic event. The remaining eight ounces of Bang! can be consumed during your workout or athletic event. Always consume an additional 10 to 12 ounces of water after drinking BANG!. Do not consume more than one 16 ounce bottle of BANG! per six hours or more than two bottles per day. BANG! can also be consumed on non-training days. In an effort to maximize musclebuilding, recovery and performance, VPX highly recommends consuming one serving of STIMULANT FREE BANG! or N.O. SYNTHESIZE immediately following your workout. It is advised not to consume BANG! late in the day, as this may cause sleeplessness. Do not use BANG! with REDLINE, MELTDOWN or any products, beverages or foods containing caffeine or other stimulants. Muscle energetic compounds within BANG! may cause a tingling sensation in lips and skin.

UPC: 610764840349

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