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Species Nutrition - Testolyze 180 Caps
PRICE: $47.99
Testosterone is the most powerful muscle-building hormone in the body. It’s responsible for rebuilding damaged muscle fibers, helping to expand the size of the fibers, and increasing muscle strength. Bodybuilders and physique athletes, alike, train with weights in an attempt to increase strength and size and, ultimately, reshape their physique to the greatest ideal they can imagine. This remodeling of muscle requires maximal testosterone output, with minimal estrogen and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) conversion. It’s been well documented that testosterone has 3 fates in the body. It can either: (1) stay as testosterone, (2) convert to estrogen, or (3) convert to DHT. For strength and bodybuilding athletes, the only acceptable form of this muscle-building hormone is “as testosterone”. TESTOLYZE ensures that blood testosterone levels are optimized while estrogen and DHT are minimized. When testosterone in the body is converted to either of these two hormones (estrogen and DHT), less is available for the task of building and repairing muscle. Additionally, estrogen can cause edema and excessive fat deposition while DHT can result in hairloss and acne; therefore, minimizing the conversion to these hormones is a high priority when designing a testosterone optimizing supplement. TESTOLYZE also contains key ingredients that directly boost testicular output of muscle-building testosterone. All effects combined—less estrogen, less DHT, and boosted testosterone—you have the makings of the most powerful, scientifically engineered, testosterone-boosting supplement on the market. TESTOLYZE increases serum testosterone, increases strength, and minimizes estrogen and DHT. What more can you ask for in a testosterone-boosting formula?
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