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Renew Life Crave Be Gone 60 tablets
PRICE: $25.49

Crave Be GONE is a great-tasting, natural approach to help control cravings for sugar and other refined carbohydrates. The beneficial ingredients in CraveBe GONE work synergistically to calm craving produced in the brain and promote healthy blood sugar levels.

L-glutamine: Helps naturally rebuild levels of the brains calming neurotransmitter GABA. It has also been shown to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

DLPA: Known to increase endorphin activity in the brain producing a calming effect to help ease stress associated with cravings.

5-HTTP: Assists with serotonin production. Low serotonin levels can spike sugar and carb cravings. Has been shown to help balance emotions and improve sleep.

Polyphenols: Antioxidant-rich compounds from cinnamon that promote glucose (sugar) metabolism and support healthy blood sugar levels.

Vital Nutrients: Chromium, manganese and Vitamin B6 to further help make those craves behave.

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