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Powerbar - Powerbar Endurance Fp 12/Pk(Temp Unavailable)
PRICE: $9.75
Proper hydration is essential for any athlete striving to maintain performance during a training session or workout. Dehydration and overhydration are both valid concerns for athletes who exercise for an extended period of time. The POWERBARĘ BEVERAGE System works hard to help serious athletes avoid the dangers of either state with a beverage that addresses hydration needs during training and in recovery. POWERBARĘ ENDURANCE sports drink has POWERBARĘ C2 MAX for optimum carbohydrate delivery to muscles and the POWERBARĘ RECOVERY beverage contains a carb-whey protein isolate blend, sodium, and magnesium to help restore key nutrients lost during training or competition.

  • POWERBARĘ Endurance sport drink features the C2 MAX optimized carb blend and provides 380mg of sodium per 16. fl. oz serving.
  • POWERBARĘ Recovery beverage delivers 40g carbs, 6g protein and 500mg of sodium per 16 fl. oz serving.
  • Two-drink system that delivers optimal hydration, energy and recovery.
  • Available in convenient single-serve packets and multi-serve small and large canisters.
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