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Powerbar - Power Bar Wild Berry 12/Box(Temp Unavailable)
PRICE: $15.28

Before beginning any training session or competition, athletes need to be fully energized and hydrated. When both those needs are met, muscles are ready to work. About an hour before exercise, fuel up with a POWERBAR® PERFORMANCE bar, containing the POWERBAR® C2 MAX-optimized carbohydrate blend, formulated with the same ratio of carb sources shown to increase endurance performance by an average of 8% in 8 trained athletes compared to glucose alone*. The bars are also an effective option on those days when training starts very early in the morning and eating a pre-workout meal just isn’t realistic.

  • POWERBAR C2 MAX dual-source energy blend.
  • More sustained energy to muscles.
  • The original energy bar.
  • Low in fat, packing 41–45g of carbs and 8–10g of protein with 230–250 calories per bar.

*Jentjens, et al. Oxidation of combined ingestion of glucose and fructose during exercise. J Appl Physiol 96: 1277–1284, 2004.

UPC: 097421050301

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