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Pom Wonderful - POMx Shots - 3 oz-UNAVAILABLE
PRICE: $3.62
POMx Shots

Every day youíre exposed to free radicals. Some are from outside factors, like pollution and radiation; and some from inside, like stress and hormones. Fight back with POMx. Each shot packs a super-concentrated 1300mg punch of POMx, an ultra-potent natural antioxidant. It has more free-radical- fighting power than red wine, grape seed and acai extracts. So go ahead and drink POMx. Itís the best shot you can take. Learn more about POMx.

Ingredients: Water, organic agave syrup, POMx (POM Wonderful Pomegranate Antioxidant Extract Ė patent pending), natural flavors.

Currently available in select markets.  We will be expanding availability in the near future.  Please check back frequently for updates.

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