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Neocell - Arthro Pet Wafers 60 wafers
PRICE: $19.47
ArthroPet & trade; formula supports the diets of pets suffering articular cartilage and connective tissue problems.

Immucell Collagen II provides major components of articular cartilage - Collagen Type II protein, chondroitin, glucosamine, and hyaluronic acid. Glucosamine and Chondroitin extracted from sources other than chicken sternal cartilage do not have the same molecular blue print found in Immucell Collagen II Chicken Sternal Collagen Type II.

CMO is a revolutionary compound that research has identified as a joint lubricate and helps to promote mobile joint function. MSM is organic sulfur, and sulfur concentration is lower in unhealthy cartilage. MSM is a key component in the formation and maintenance of healthy bone, joints, and surrounding tissue.

ArthroPetTM is a delicious natural chicken flavor chewable wafer, pets love it every time, available at 60 wafers per bottle.

ArthroPetTM formula supports the diets of pets suffering from joint damaging arthritis, hip dysplasia and other articular cartilage and connective tissue problems.*

See what others have been saying about AthroPetTM
"Last June, my Pomeranian Frank, started to whimper when he landed to hard when jumping off the couch , and take a lot longer going up the stairs. X-rays confirmed that Frank's cartilage had slowing disappated with age. Fortunately, I found ArthroPetTM supplement. Immediately, Frank's limping disappeared and has not returned. Today Frank is a healthy and active dog. This product saved him from surgery."
- Jessica M.

"When I first prescribed ArthroPetTM for my patient Paco, I was dubious about whether it would improve his quality of life. The reason I had reservations is that his osteoarthritis of the stifle joints had made him was semi-invalid. To complication things even more, Paco is an overweight three-legged Chihuahua. He was born without a front leg. At the time of this writing he is seven and a half years old. After using ArthroPetTM for more than 6 months, I have noticed an amazing difference in his ability to move about and jump. His comfort level has improved at least 75% over his previous condition."
- Dr. J. Schreiber

"The Agoura Animal Shelter would like to thank you for your ArthroPetTM. We have used your product on several of our senior dogs with wonderful results. Whenever a volunteer notices an elderly dog with stiffness in their limbs we immediately start them on the ArthroPetTM. Within a very short time the animal is able to move around with much more comfort, showing no signs of stiffness. Your product has not only allowed our senior animals to be more comfortable while they are in the shelter, but has helped to keep them viable as adoptable animals."
- Agoura Animal Shelter

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