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NuAge #6 Kali Phos 6X 125 Tabs
PRICE: $4.15
KALI PHOS is specifically useful for: Bedwetting, a fairly common habit with some young children. It may be due to nervousness, indigestion, too much liquid before retiring or just habit. KALI PHOS is the principal remedy to consider for relief of symptoms of nervous, highly strung children; Nerves--KALI PHOS is the principal nerve tissue remedy, the nerve nutrient and revitalizer which should be given in ailments of a nervous character; Sciatica, an inflammation of the great sciatic nerve that runs down the back of the thigh; Sleeplessness--KALI PHOS is the principal remedy relief of symptoms of sleeplessness from nervous causes or due to over-excitement.

UPC: 354973522886

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