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New Chapter - Host Defense 120 fcaps OUT OF STOCK
PRICE: $38.47
Host Defense by New Chapter:

  • The ultimate immune enhancing mushroom complex*

  • Potency Assured for Glycoproteins, Arabinoxylanes, Ergosterols, and Beta Glucans

  • Certified P-Value

Host Defense by New Chapter has been shown to increase human Natural Killer (NK) Cell activity by up to 300%.* The immune-enhancing power of Host Defense¨ comes from two sources: the unsurpassed quality of the MycoMedicinals¨ mushrooms, and the proprietary combination of species. Each of the MycoMedicinals¨ species has, on its own, an ability to support human immune functioning, but the combination of these 15 mushroom sources creates synergies, waves of reinforcement, that bathe us in immune support. There is glory in each mushroom, but greater glory in the whole. For maximum benefit take with New Chapter's Gingerforce Supercritical Therapy¨ formulation to increase bioavailability and activity. Potency Assured for Glycoproteins, Arabinoxylanes, Ergosterols, and Broad Spectrum 1,3 1,4 & 1,6 B-Glucans.

UPC: 727783002648

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