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NaturalCare - Lung-Saver 60 Cap
PRICE: $11.11

Dietary Supplement to Optimize Respiratory Health

Lung-Saver is an advanced dietary supplement that combines the highest quality herbs with N-Acetyl cysteine (NAC), a powerful antioxidant to support and maintain respiratory function and efficiency.

Scientific research has established the efficacy of several Ayurvedic herbs in reducing the inflammation of respiratory illness, which eliminates many symptoms. Boswellia serrata, Picorrhiza kurroa, and Tylophora asthmatica are all herbs that have been a part of an ancient Hindu medical system called Ayurveda. There is a wealth of clinical information that substantiates their impact on respiratory health.

Lung-Saver is used to promote normal breathing when illness restricts the airways, and to maintain healthy respiratory function.

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