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Himalaya - Organic Chyavanprash with Honey 500 g-TEMP OUT OF STOCK
PRICE: $8.44

Gluten-Free Organic Chyavanprash

For centuries, families in India have enjoyed the herbal formulation Chyavanprash as a natural immune booster and rejuventative which nourishes the body. Chyavanprash provides energy and vitality. It also supports good digestion and metabolism. Its adaptogenic and antioxidant properties have made it one of the cornerstones of traditional Indian medicine. Himalaya's Organic Chyavanprash is enriched with organic forest honey and made from an age-old recipe under strict supervision.

Organic Chyavanprash is a combination of more than 40 different herbs, including Bael Tree, Black Pepper, Gokshura, Guduchi, Haritaki and Ashwagandha. All ingredients are quality tested to ensure the highest levels of purity. Chyavanprash capsules are also available from Himalaya Single Herbs.

directions for use

Take 1 teaspoon twice daily or as needed.

The use of natural products provides progressive but long-lasting results.

*Himalaya Gluten Free products are batch tested and identified with a green Gluten Free sticker.

UPC: 605069417020

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